5 Reasons to visit Red Acre Cottage in the Spring

Admittedly Spring skiing can be spotty these days. The mountains are still open, but you have to be pretty die hard to want to slide around in that slush. The roads are muddy, it's rarely sunny and it's still pretty cold and wet. So why the heck would you want to come to Vermont in April? 

Actually, there are a ton of reasons, most of them being indoors. Trust me, you're not going to want to be inside when the sun comes out and the everything is in bloom. You're going to want to be running through the fields like Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music. 

5 good reasons to visit Red Acre Cottage in April...beer, beer, beer, beer and beer. 

In short, visit my quaint vacation rental cottage in April because the rates are cheaper, and it's officially, BEER SEASON! There are scores of small, medium and large breweries in Vermont as well as some really charming establishments that serve up the liquid gold they produce. 

There are some great suggested beer tours online, and there won't be any lines this time of year!

Maybe you should visit a couple museums too.