RASTA - Rochester Valley Bike Trail

Red Acre Cottage to RASTA Rochester Valley Bike Trail

My buddy Mark Sadecki enjoyed the cottage for a few days of rest and relaxation, two-wheeled style. Mark took the train up from Boston. I picked him up from the Dartmouth shuttle and then I had to head back to Boston the next day. He got a couple really good rides in. Mark had a ball riding all over the valley and the Hollows before he headed back by riding over Mount Cushman and catching the train in Randolph. 

The RASTA Rochester Valley Bike Trail is about a 2.7 mile ride from Red Acre Cottage. Ride down Town Line Road to the south, make a right on Quarry Hill Road and head downhill to Rte 100.


You can catch the trail from the USFS Ranger Station. You might want to make a stop if they're open and grab some maps. The trail winds up the incline, through a series of well designed switchbacks. Mark said he had a blast. 


rochester valley trail
rasta rochester valley trail
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