Breaking the RASTA Marsh Brook Trail

Snowshoeing the RASTA Marsh Brook Trail part 1

Some good friends joined us at Red Acre Cottage over the New Year Weekend. They had barely gotten comfy when I dragged them out into the below freezing temps for a hike. I was dying to check out the RASTA Marsh Brook Trail. I would have done it the day before but my darn snowshoes were frozen in the rooftop carrier on the Subaru. I finally liberated them moments my friends arrived by employing a hairdryer. 

They were good sports and we trekked out about 2p in the afternoon. There were some tracks to follow at first, but then we had to break some fresh snow. What I beautiful day! The sun was trying desperately to breach the weather but successful only in a dull glow which caste an almost eclipse-like light over the pristine, white landscape. Nancy got some great pictures that she said I could post for you to enjoy. When I come back next week, I'll break the rest of the trail by myself and post part 2. 

After a while, the girls all turned and headed back for the house. Us tough guys continued on and braved farther into the vast winter tundra. However, after a brief foray to a scenic overlook, we both decided that, "we didn't want to leave the girls to go it alone" although we, "hardly felt the cold at all" ,we headed back and caught up with the girls.