Red Acre Cottage to Rochester Town Forest

I'm on a quest. I've owned Red Acre Cottage for about six months. I've been pretty fixated on making it perfect and comfortable for my guests up until now. I've finally been able to start exploring the amazing landscapes surrounding the vacation rental. There's no need to get back i your car once you get out of it upon your arrival. If you don't want to venture off into the wilderness, just walk the roads. I highly recommend the The Hollows Triangle

I've got my sights on that ridge above. I heard from my neighbor that there's a trail along the ridge, but I'm not sure how recognizable as a trail it is. I made my first exploratory trip up the Rochester Town Forest Road with my buddy, Mark. We didn't get far, as we had limited time and we were breaking fresh snow and didn't really know where we were going. This time, I had a much better idea of the route, and only had to break trail about half the way. Unfortunately, it was about 40 degrees out and it was hard, wet, work. The good news is that Otto has learned to snowshoe with me. He now understands he needs to stay behind me to keep out of the deep snow, and he understands, "back" when he's getting too close and stepping on my snowshoes. 

Check out the captions below for trail notes.  

From Red Acre Cottage, head south a couple hundred feet from the driveway. Right across from Siegfried's creek, on the left side, you'll find the Rochester Town Forest Road heading stright up the hill. 

My tracks from a previous trip were pretty much covered over, but the snow pack underneath was much appreciated. The ascent was fairly easy, except Otto and I had not yet come to an understanding about him stepping on my snowshoes. At the first major rise in the road, there is an old red gate. Make a left and head northish. 

In a few hundred yards you'll come to the Crossroads. The trail to the left heads down to the northwest, and another takes a right to the northeast. Take the one to the right and head uphill. Stay on the main trail and head due eastish. 

You'll notice you're beginning to get some mountain views as you continue to ascend. You won't see this in the summer. 

Once you get pretty high you can see mountains in front and behind you. 

Here's where I stopped for today. One fork leads off to the left heading roughly ENE. The one to the right leads roughly ESE. I intend to take this one next time I head up. My goal will be to find the ridge trail next time.