Best birthday present ever!

I got a barn for my birthday. 

When we bought Red Acre Cottage, it didn't have any storage. There's is no basement and there was no exterior storage. We began to realize pretty quickly that bears were going to turn our rubbish barrels into a buffet in the spring. Not to mention, we had absolutely nowhere to put things like rakes, the lawn mower, the snowblower, etc. 

We were discussing some larger landscaping ideas with the ladies at Goshen Mountain Landscaping, and they suggested we check out Jamaica Cottage Shop. I researched a bunch of options and realized pretty quickly that indeed JCS was the way to go. Tammy fired up her backhoe, got rid of a stump for us, flattened out a pad and we had the new shed delivered within three weeks!

There's a sad part to the story. When the shed was delivered I was all gung-ho to play gentlemen farmer and restack a cord of wood in the shed that I put my back out and had to spend three days in bed. Emily was fine. :l

William Brokhof