Closing Day! 20 days to go!

We've got 20 days to go. I'm mentally exhausted. I've been thinking about the logistics for Red Acre Cottage since the beginning of April. Emily and I scoured Craigslist for most of the furniture, which is a real pain in the ass, truth be told. Our little adventures to pick stuff up was mostly fun though. Emily knows how to make the best of these sorts of situations. Our favorite find so far was The Barn Antiques. It doesn't show up on any of the local antique cartel maps and it's really hard to find on Google maps. We scored our kitchen chairs from Sam and he was kind enough to store them for us until we return in June. He even gave us an old timer tip of mixing linseed oil and turpentine half and half to make a really good cleaner/degreaser for old furniture. 

I found an antique clock a bit further south on Rte 7 at Andrew's Antiques and we picked up a handmade coffee table from a guy in Waitsfield, Vermont. Both are stored with our friend, Gloria at farm outside Rochester. The rest of the furniture, mattresses, home goods, rugs, etc. are at our respective homes in Milton and Cambridge, MA. I'm not looking forward to loading a Uhaul and packing it. Once that's over, it's easy street. I just can't wait to close! It can't come soon enough! 

So much work to do...thankfully, Emily's mom, Anne is coming up to paint and help out. Clutch! My friend, Adam Carlson has also graciously offered to help unload the truck and carry some of the heavier stuff inside with me. So it's a countdown. Less than three weeks to go....tick tock.