We have snow in the Green Mountains!

Vermonters were beginning to wonder if winter was ever going to start in earnest. Everyone up here was wondering if they should trade in their snowshoes for flip-flops. Finally, it has arrived! Over the last two days I got about 10 inches of fresh, fluffy powder up in The Hollows. 

IMG_4668 copy.jpg

It all started out innocently enough, but it just kept coming. All day and all night and most of the next day. It's beautiful, but you've got to dress right and bring your gear. If you don't have snowshoes, at least bring some gators so your pants and socks don't get soaked. 

Otto and I ventured out for a long hike right in the middle of it. It was breathtaking. We followed some brave cross country skier's tracks out across the fields, but without gear we turned back because my legs were getting pretty wet. 


It was nice to come back to my toasty warm Red Acre Cottage and warm up by the fire. Otto found his favorite spot and I found the armchair for the rest of the afternoon. 

Come on up to the cottage...there's plenty of dates available whether you want to stay in or adventure out. Don't forget to check out the Town and Country sections if you need some ideas!