Red Acre Cottage to Rochester Town Forest

I've owned Red Acre Cottage for about six months. I've been pretty fixated on making it perfect and comfortable for my guests up until now. I've finally been able to start exploring the amazing landscapes surrounding the vacation rental. There's no need to get back i your car once you get out of it upon your arrival. If you don't want to venture off into the wilderness, just walk the roads.

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Breaking the RASTA Marsh Brook Trail - Part 2

I've been waiting for 6 months to snowshoe the RASTA Marsh Brook Trail. I bought Red Acre Cottage in July and I have been eyeballing this trail online since before I closed the transaction. It's only open in the winter snow season...thanks to the kindness of a conglomeration of local land owners. Their gracious agreement to allow RASTA to maintain the winter trail is nothing short of a blessing as this has to be one of the most beautiful trails I have ever been on. 

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